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 Monthly Rose Care


Roses going dormant & dropping leaves. Start planting new roses using compost & slow release fertiliser only. Move established roses to new locations if they are in the wrong place or too close together. Prune well before moving & water in well with Seasol.


Prune roses by the end of July. Remove all leaves from bushes & rake up all around the rose beds. Do not compost leaves. Use Lime Sulphur to spray on bare roses & lightly on ground around bushes to kill all black spot spores. Repeat in 2 weeks time. For roses growing permanently in large pots, - repot every 2-3 years into fresh, best quality potting mix with slow release fertiliser granules. Root prune by a quarter as well as pruning top hard.  Water in well with Seasol.


At end of month feed all roses with a specialist rose fertiliser. We recommend "SUDDEN IMPACT FOR ROSES" (Neutrog). Water in well.


Full Spring growth. Watch for aphids on new growth. Use Pyrethrum, Folimat or Confidor. When buds start appearing, commence spraying fortnightly with a foliar feed i.e. Charlie Carp, Phostrogen etc. Spray with fungicide (Triforine, Mancozeb) for Black Spot.


Mulch with lucerne hay or pea straw. Continue foliar feeding. Main flush of Spring blooms starts early this month. Stake water shoots with bamboo stakes to prevent wind damage. Visit the Spring Rose Show at Mt Coot-tha on the first weekend.


Spring flush continues. Deadhead & enjoy your roses. Take photos. Visit nurseries,  & rose gardens to get ideas.


Feed with organic fertiliser, top up mulch & deadhead. Water well, especially pots. Prune all once flowering ramblers such as Albertine, Banksia roses & heritage shrubs i.e. Albas, Gallicas, Damasks. Watch for spider mites in dry, hot weather. Try wetting underneath foliage in the early mornings to discourage them.


Top up mulch well. Continue deadheading. Ensure adequate water by deep watering.


Summer trim all roses if timing flowering for a show or special event. (Roses generally repeat flower within approx. 56 days). Feed with organic fertiliser & water in well. Top up mulch & water deeply regularly.


Foliar feed as in Spring. Prune winter flowering roses such as Lorraine Lee & Nancy Hayward. Watch for aphids.


Autumn flush of roses. Deadhead & enjoy. Prepare soil for new rose beds. Dig deeply, apply manure & compost. Turn over regularly.


Some good blooms still on bushes. Send away for rose catalogues from specialist rose nurseries & order new roses for winter planting. Autumn rose show on the Mother's day weekend at Mt Coot-tha

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