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National Rose Society of Australia : http://www.rose.org.au/


Gold Coast Rose Society Inc : http://www.goldcoastrosesociety.org.au/


Western Australian Rose Society : http://www.wa.rose.org.au/


South Australian Rose Society : http://www.sarose.org.au/


New South Wales Rose Society : http://www.nsw.rose.org.au/


Victorian Rose Society : http://rosesocietyvic.org.au/


New Zealand: National Rose Society : http://www.nzroses.org.nz/


Canadian Rose Society: http://www.canadianrosesociety.org/


World Federation of Rose Societies : http://www.worldrose.org/




Queensland Council of Garden Clubs : http://www.qcgc.net/




Donelle's Gift Garden and Florist: www.doolandellaflorist.com.au


Swane's Nurseries: http://www.swanes.com/




Qld Rose Society Facebook Page: QRS Facebook


National Rose Trial Garden of Australia: www.nationalrosetrialgarden.net.au/


Rose Help and Books:Growing Roses


Rose Breeding and Propagating:  Propagating


Plant Internet Directory: http://www.plant.id.au/


Rose Talk : http://rosetalk.home-forums.com



The Rose File : http://www.rosefile.com/







ORGANIC CROP PROTECTANTS: http://www.ocp.com.au/


QUEENSLAND ORGANICS: http://www.qldorganics.com.au/


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The Society meets at Church Hall, 459 Annerley Road, Annerley Junction, Brisbane at 7 p.m. on the second Wednesday of February, March, April, June, July, September, November and December.




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