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Queensland Rose Trial Gardens

Newtown Park, Toowoomba, Qld


The Queensland Rose Trial Gardens offer Australian and international rose breeders the opportunity to test their roses in the Queensland climate. Awards are given based on their performance over a number of years as assessed by regular judging.


To Contact the Queensland Rose Trial Garden:


Lorraine Schiller

Email: nannyschiller@bigpond.com


Queensland’s State Rose Garden in Newtown Park Toowoomba Inc

President: Sandra Martin

Mailing Address: PO Box 1601 Toowoomba Qld 4350

Phone: Lorraine 0429 115 140

Vice President: Regina Albion

Secretary: Lorraine Schiller

Treasurer: Jenny Bienke

27 April 2020

To all Rosarians,

Please find enclosed an application form for Queensland State Rose Garden Trial Roses for 2020/22. Please return completed forms to Lorraine Schiller, Secretary QSRG, PO Box 1601, Toowoomba Qld 4350 or by email nannyschiller@bigpond.com A separate form must be completed for each cultivar so please photocopy forms and all forms are due by Monday, 9 June 2020.

Jamie Jensen has committed to organizing this event. Judging will continue with a panel from Queensland State Rose Garden, Darling Downs Rose Society and Toowoomba Regional Council Parks and Recreation division on a reg-ular basis over the next 2 years. If an Australian Bred Rose wins a Gold Med-al it will be planted in the Rod Hultgren Australian Bred Rose Garden which has been created as a legacy to Rod.

We wish to continue these trials for many more years and the new beds should be ready for the trial roses from mid-June. Now that we have received the WFRS Garden Excellence Award it is important we continue this project and please encourage others to enter.

Please contact me via my mobile 0429 115 140 before forwarding the plants (from mid-June to end July) to my address.

Lorraine Schiller

5 Meibusch Street





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